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When exquisite taste gets entwined with organic ingredients and presented in a delightful experience, not only for an acquired taste, but also for a unique charming atmosphere. Dolce Bacio cafe offers fine coffee, delightful French crepe, hand crafted Belgian chocolate & Italian gelato. In the heart of River Oaks at Gables West Ave, we bring something new to Houston, a fresh concept with a healthy twist, a perfect balance for your taste and your heart. As perfect as s sweet kiss.

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A place that combines Italian coffee and pastries, French Crepe, Belgian Chocolate and new unique healthy items that satisfy your mouth and good to your heart. more information coming soon.

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Served from 11am to 2pm

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At Dolce Bacio Cafe, we take pride in our service, your opinion is valuable to us as we strive to provide top quality products, service and impression, please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns, comments, recommendations or complaints.

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